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Hi my name is Maddison Adams & the face behind Madams Handmade I am 25 & have always had a love & passion for creating. One day I had the idea that I wanted to turn my drawings that only existed on paper & turn them into something more permanent that could be used and enjoyed in everyday life. I bought my first woodburner & started practising  on off cuts of wood and fell in love with the process. Every board I create is woodburnt completely freehand, which makes my serving ware so special, no two boards are identical. It also gives me the freedom to add names & small messages to my pieces to create really unique gifts that can be cherished for years to come. It is such a special feeling knowing that my art has been shared in so many special moments in life, from Birthday, family gatherings, housewarmings, to engagements & Weddings.
I feel incredibly lucky to do what I love everyday I am beyond grateful for everyone who has supported my small business!

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